Julio, I wanted to pass on our thanks for an enjoyable stay in Argentina.


The weather was cooperative, the wine was excellent and the company and fun we had all added to the experience. Thanks for dinner, the deer meat was outstanding. We didn’t catch many fish but that may be due to our skills more than the anything else. Your associates and guides in Argentina worked very hard to make our stay enjoyable. There are a very professional group. Our special thanks to Gustavo for his openness and going the extra distance to accommodate us. Four guys with four different mind sets can be daunting but it was managed well.


Also a special thanks to Nuria for attending at the hospital when Frank was ill. It can be a scary time being in a foreign country, alone at that particular time, and not able to speak the language very well. She went out of her way to be there for us.


I would like to return to Argentina and see more of the country, enjoy the wines and sample the food. Perhaps the next time I will have improved my fishing skills so I can land the big one and win some of my money back.



John Bayko

Enbridge Inc.



Southern Cross Outfitters is world class bar none. Their staff is very considerate, professional and passionate about their work. The people of Southern Cross Outfitters and their various service providers (Resort staff, Chefs, wait staff, cooks, camp organizers etc) strived each day to make sure our experience was the best possible that they could provide. The Accommodations in San Martin De Los Andres and at Villa La Angostura were far above my expectations. The skill and patients of the guides was very much appreciated in trying to help a novice fly fisherman like myself enjoy the experience rather than regret it.


I would also like to mention that Southern Cross Outfitters care and concern for their customers/guests reached beyond ensuring an enjoyable fishing experience. One of our guides (Gustavo) had his wife Nuria attend a local hospital to provide friendly face comfort and interpretation when I had become ill just before my trip back home. You don't see this kind of involvement these days or even expect it. Thank you


Frank Cholewa

Enbridge Inc.





What can I say? That was the best fishing trip I've ever been on. I've fished in 15 states in the U.S. and nothing equaled the quality or quantity of the fish I caught in Argentina. You and your guides ( Sandro, Diego, Carlos and Santiago) did a great job putting us on fish. It was a pleasure having guides who were so friendly, polite, knowledgeable and very quick to help us anyway they could. Please thank Sandro for me, for keeping me from getting wet a couple of times......


I'll always remember our overnight float trip. The roasted leg of lamb was fantastic. Especially with the Argentine vino and cerveza. Everyday was a new adventure, wondering what new dish of food your mother had in store for us. Everything was so good, I weighed 6 lbs. more when I got home. Well, back on the treadmill.......


Kim Adams



I know you are in Spain, but thought you might get e-mail. Suzie and I got home late Saturday after 32 hrs. of travel, still recovering. We had a wonderful trip, no problems anywhere. Our hosts were wonderful, the guides were excellent, the accomodations very nice, and the fishing was very good. We had a little rough weather in the middle of the week, cold, rainy, windy,,,, but the rest of the week was quite nice, if a bit cooler than normal. I was most impressed with the rivers, we fished the Alumine, the Quillen, the Malleo and the Caleufu (spelling may not be correct). The rivers were beautiful and we caught some very nice fish, although the really big ones (6+ lbs.) we hooked did out wit us. There are a couple very large fish down there with my flies, I intend to go back sometime to get those flies back!


Anyway, thanks for all your help in organizing and making this trip possible Julio, all your instructions were perfect, the trip went off without a hitch. Please feel free to use Suzie and I as references, we will give the trip a very good, honest report.


Bruce Richards

Scientific Anglers/3M



Tom and I had a wonderful time and want to thank you and your family and colleagues for making our visit so enjoyable. You made us very comfortable in our introduction to your wonderful region.


And the fishing was great. Even when Gonzalo told us it was slow some days, it was some of the most exciting fishing we've ever experienced. Gonzalo is a terrific guide. His incredible energy and skill, and knowledge of the rivers and the environment impressed us greatly, and he was a delight to travel and fish with.


We'll definitely be coming back, and look forward to seeing you again.



Bill Van Wie



....."It was a great trip! The weather was good and fishing was excellent"......


It was a great trip! The weather was good and fishing was excellent. My largest fish was a 21" Rainbow but I did loose a Brown of a life time, well over 8 pounds on a #18 Blue Wing Olive. Lots and lots of fish in the 17-20" range. A few of those big fish may haunt my dreams long enough for a return visit soon. The hosts and the guides did more than ever expected. The food was fantastic and the lodging perfect. Thank you again for organizing the group. I hope to see you at the TU banquet, Rayburn Lodge or the Trout Bum BBQ where we will all be wearing our Gaucho hats.


Phil Heck



....."Thank you for a great trip"..............


Thank you for a great trip. Everything was well-organized with good lodging, transportation, and food. The best surprise was the warmth of your people, your knowledgeable guides and a "family style" of management that was fun to be a part of.


Richard Berge




...."I have never had a trip that even comes close to the service and expertise that was shown by Southern Cross Outfitters".........


Now that I can hold one eye open and think a little clearer here is a report to let you know my thoughts on the SCO operations. As you are well aware I have been involved in this business for the vast majority of my life, and have had the good fortune to travel around the world and fish many of the great lodges and rivers. In all of my travels and all of the fishing that I have done and trips I hosted, I have never had a trip that even comes close to the service and expertise that was shown by Southern Cross Outfitters. I have a good friend who recently purchased a lodge outside of Esquel, and unfortunately for him I will still have to recommend Southern Cross Outfitters to anyone who wants to fish in Argentina.


The Food was spectacular, the guides knew their stuff and exactly what to fish and where. I have never seen customer service like we experienced with Southern Cross, I think if I had sneezed someone would have tried to wipe my nose. The lodging was perfect, you totally lost contact with the outside world if you wanted. The camping was first class, we arrived at camp to snacks, and tents already set with cots and sleeping bags just waiting on our tired worn out bodies.


This trip was so good, that we going to be doing two to three trips with Southern Cross every year.


Anytime anyone wants a recommendation or to here about Southern Cross you can count on me as a great reference.

Good Fishing!


Kevin Howell

Davison River Outfitter



......"it couldn't have been much better.........thanks so much.".......


Julio -- it couldn't have been much better.........thanks so much. We have a new feeling towards Michigander Argentinians now. Now we need to get you to our Hex camp!!!!! Talk to you soon.


Stephen Born