Fishing in these Caribbean waters is unlike any other experience!



The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is an archipelago of white sand islands and crystalline waters located just north of Cuba. The island nation’s name Bahamas is derived from the Spanish words baja mar, meaning low tide – a great omen for those adventurous anglers chasing the dream of sight-casting to bonefish in clear shallow water.


With its mixed British and African cultural influences, the Bahamas has a vibe of its own – spirited, upbeat, and alive. The bright pastel colors of capital city Nassau’s colonial buildings compliment the dazzling waters in every shade of blue and green one encounters while traveling amongst these islands. Come experience this exciting culture and unspoiled fly fishing opportunities!

The incredible bonefishing of the Bahamian Islands is famous the fly fishing world over, but within this archipelago of known bonefish haunts there are still places where the bonefish haven’t experienced too much angling pressure. One such ‘out island’ destination is Acklins Island.


Acklins Island, or simply Acklins for short, has some of the most unspoiled bonefishing in the world. Hard-bottom sand flats allow for stalking schools of hundreds of bonefish on foot, often calling for intimate ‘trout-like’ presentations at schools of fish sometimes no more then 20 feet away in mere inches of water. While the average bonefish hovers around 3-4 lbs. its not uncommon to have shots at dozens of fish throughout the day with the ever present possibility of an encounter with much larger individual fish. And since the bonefish here are so willing to participate, Acklins is a great angling destination for beginners and adventurous families. Opt between guided boat and wade fishing, the challenge of DIY (with kayaks available), or a combination of the two – in either case chances are the only thing you’ll be sharing the flats with are the countless bones and other fish species that cruise these habitats.


If you decide you’d like to target more diverse species on the fly Acklins offers shots at massive sight-fished barracuda and sharks on the flats, limited but available permit and small tarpon, and world-class blue water fishing for blackfin and yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo and more just a short boat ride away.